I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences in nurturing creativity in children. I offer a variety of fun and exciting workshops geared towards your requirements for both adults and children. At this stage I can only offer workshops in the Auckland and Waikato regions, however I'm always happy to chat about options if you are outside of this area.


Pop-up Cardboard Adventure Playgrounds

Cardboard Delight 

Cut, tape, stick, paint and make. Plus lots of other interesting materials to guide the imagination on a fantastic journey of creativity. Both inside and outside options available.

Cost – Dependent on requirements

The Land - Te Whenua

A Pop-up Loose Part and Junk Adventure Playground

A treasure trove of loose parts including natural and man-made materials such as wood, planks, plastic pipes and old de-constructed toys and can include the use of construction tools if wanted. Parts can be moved, carried, combined, re-designed, taken apart and put back together again in a variety of endless ways.

Cost – Dependent on requirements

Collage and Junk Discovery

Invent, explore, innovate and create from a huge variety of strange and wonderful bits and pieces that provoke your imagination. Collage and Junk Discovery lets kids stick, cut and manipulate materials in their own way. Fully child-led utilising re-cycled and natural materials that invite children to fully engage in their creative powers.

Cost – Dependent on requirements

The Heuristic Play In!

Heuristic Play for Babies – (and for parents!)

Sensory play workshop for babies to learn and explore and for mums and dads to learn all about heuristic play, why it’s important and how easy it is to provide it at home. For babies aged 4 to 18 Months. Minimum 10 babies needed.

Cost- $20 per family

Muddy Messy Discovery

Explore gloop, slime, finger paint, moon sand and mud with lots of add-ins to make this messy play experience super special. This play workshop provides opportunities for children to engage in sensory, relaxing play where they can experiment with different textures, materials and fantasy play. Our mud pie kitchen comes to you. Old clothes are a must!

Cost -$25 per participant


Play and Creativity

How to foster creativity and learning by providing optimal play opportunities for children at home and in school. 

  • The value of creativity and the role of adults in encouraging creatively confident children.
  • Practical tips and invitations to play at home and at school.
  • How to set up simple, open ended provocations for all areas of play including paint, playdough, collage, junk play, water play, messy play, heuristic and natural play.

All participants are encouraged to bring a notebook and pen for note taking and a camera. Photos of set ups are welcome.

A recipe book for play and suggested materials list for richly resourcing your home or classroom is provided for each participant. 

Cost - $30-60 per participant 
Time - 2.5 hours long

Junk and Loose Part Play

How to set up loose part and junk play in the community

The lowdown on why and how to set up pop-up loose part adventure playgrounds and all the bits in between.

  • Discussion about the importance of letting children engage with public spaces in a child led way and how to promote this in your community. 
  • Information about what you need to provide for a richly resourced invitation to play and be creative.
  • Discussion about the role of adults in engaging with play to allow children the freedom to play from within.
  • Information and advice on how to liaise with external agencies such as Council and how to access resources freely in the community for loose part play.

Cost - $ 30 per participant
Time – 2 hours

Loose Parts Play at School

Let the children play!

Consultation for early childhood centres and primary schools on why and how to provide this open ended, child led learning opportunity based on real life experience.

  • Provision of starter resource pack and information on what other loose part and natural resources could be provided.
  • A workshop for teachers on the role of adults in loose parts play in an early childhood or Primary school settings.
  • Initial guidance and facilitation of loose parts play sessions with children.

Cost – Price on request based on requirements


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