The Giant Mud Pie Kitchen Extravaganza comes to Auckland!

Messy and muddy play at its best.

The Creative Kids Collective held squishy, messy mud pie events this Summer. Over 500 kids played in our massive mud pie kitchen set ups in local parks. Pots, pans, spoons, water, dirt, sand, gloop and lots of lovely little natural add-ins, like flower petals and crushed leaf sprinkles…it was a sensory treasure trove of messy things to create with. 

It was nature play at its best. Children connected with the earth and benefited from the messy and nature play experience. As an added bonus everything was compostable so it was all zero waste.

There are more messy play events in parks on the way as well as some rather wonderful Pop-up Loose Part Adventure Playgrounds so keep an eye out on our Facebook page or join our newsletter list to stay in the loop! 


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